Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Williamsburg, Va

We are home.  We survived.  We really only had one day of bad weather.  Neither of us got sick or broke any bones.  As far as we know neither of us have lost a family member in the past 4 days.  And we had fun!  Yay for vacation!


Lightship Portsmouth is one of the very few surviving lightships.  It's in dry dock and has been turned into a museum.  Which means we actually got to go on board a lightship and see the toilet!  
New Cape Henry Lighthouse, and Old Cape Henry in the background.  This one I was really looking forward to.  However, as we discovered while going thru the military base security check point, the lighthouses were closed to the public due to storm damage.  The website said everything was open. . .but oh well.  We still got to walk around the beach area and take photos.  We just couldn't get very close to the towers and no tours or gift shops.  And you know how much I love a gift shop.

There was a 3rd lighthouse on the agenda - Old Point Comfort - but that base was shut tighter than a nuns legs to civilians.  Something about the base being turned over to the local government or something else that didn't make much sense.  We kinda combined this line with the line we were given about the Cape Henry lights and kinda figured they were convenient excuses to shut down these sites for the Sept 11th threat level.  Stinkin terrorists.
Then we went to Yorktown.  Where we found statues and did inappropriate things with them.  As usual.  Oh, and there was some history and stuff.
Then we went to Jamestowne.  Where it was raining, so I took Morgan's umbrella and made him go buy a poncho in the gift shop.  He thanked me for making him buy the poncho later.
Thanked me because while walking around the storm suddenly intensified.  The umbrella collapsed in on itself.  Rain was blowing so hard it was horizontal.  And we became stranded in this old church with a group of Chinese tourists and a tour guide for half an hour till there was a break in the storm juuuust long enough to scurry back to the visitor center.  Thank you, Smartphone, once again for letting us view weather maps to see the small break in the storm.  Otherwise we would have listened to Morgan and continued on the tour instead of getting the hell out of there.  So we didn't get to see much of Jamestowne.
But I did find the glory hole.

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