Friday, December 20, 2013

Stinker is 2 Months Old!

As I sit here at 5:45am typing away I realize how I can keep up with this memory blog and still have a toddler happily living in this house.  I have to write at 5am when hopefully he's still sleeping.  Joy.  But nevertheless, I am taking advantage of this rare moment when Ben is finally asleep again, Sam is still passed out, and I'm freakishly wide awake.

Yesterday, well I guess it's not yesterday's two days ago...anyway, let us start again.

Two days ago Benedict turned 2 months old!  I continue to be surprised at how expressive and active he is.  He smiles at everything and everyone.  He loves to watch what Sam is doing with intense focus.  On the nights that Morgan has Ben duty (responsible for feeding and cuddling when he wakes) I am greeted in the morning with the biggest smiles and coo's that melt my heart because I know he missed me!  Oh, and he is totally going to be a full on ginger.  That hair looks like it turns a bit redder every day.  His eyebrows too.  Love it!

My 2 Month Old Likes to Party All The Time and:
~  Eats 3 ounces at a time.  Still getting some breastmilk, but mostly formula.
~  Like clockwork, 12 hours after getting breastmilk has a period of hardcore fussiness.  So really not feeling bad about planning to switch him to all formula soon.
~  Has 2 or 3 periods of awake time every day.  They usually last 3-4 hours.  If he throws in that 3rd one then it's usually only an hour (or so) long.  But LOTS of awake time!
~  Sleeps okay at night.  Most nights he has a "fake out" about 45 minutes after he goes down where he wakes back up and wants more to eat before agreeing to sleep for another 3-4 hours.  But I think the fake outs are slowly being phased out.  Which we are thankful for.
~  Sam was doing sooooo good with Ben.  Being gentle, helpful, loving.  That has turned to outright attacking Ben.  He wants to climb all over him, grab Ben's fist and make him punch himself in the face, yank on his feet, etc.  And when Sam is mad at me he will run over and slap Ben.  Hopefully this behavior can be fixed soon.  Very soon.  Not holding my breath.  Sam is just as stubborn as I am.
~  Has rolled over from his belly to his back several times.  He did this a couple times in his first month as well, but I thought it was a fluke.  Now he's doing it with more frequency, so I'm counting it as a skill.
~  Has a girlfriend.  Her name is Julie and she's 3 weeks younger than Ben.  They lay next to each other on a blanket at library and talk during circle time.  It's kinda ridiculously cute.  And Julie is the little sister of Evie, who used to be Sam's girlfriend.  But ever since Sam got his hair cut I don't think Evie is very interested anymore.  Sigh.

Dr Stats!
          Length - 24.75 inches, 98%
          Weight - 13 pounds 13 ounces, 82%
          Head Size - didn't tell me, but did say 96%

And, just because I can, here's a picture of Sam at 3 months!  I love seeing them wearing the same outfits!  It pleases me deep in my mommy heart.

Monday, December 9, 2013

We Remembered

The tradition continues.  December 7th was Lincoln's 7th birthday.  Our yearly excuse for pie.  Happy Birthday, you annoying bag of fur.  Love.

Monday, December 2, 2013

14 Days Ago Ben Turned 1 Month Old...Oops

I really dropped the ball here.  I mean, damn.  Two weeks ago this would have been posted if it were Sam because I would've had plenty of time to organize photos, thoughts, and sit peacefully with the laptop.  Oh my geez.  Having a not quite 2 year old running around, plus an infant, makes for some crazy days.  It also doesn't help that I can only get the laptop out when Sam is napping because he's really good at ripping keys off. little kabuki boy is one month old!  Plus a little.

What he's like at this stage:
~  He sleeps around 2 hours at a time overnight.  Sometimes he stretches that to 3 hours.
~  Eats 2 ounces per feeding.  If getting breast milk can take as much as 3.
~  Has two periods of awake time each day that can last up to 3 hours each.  I don't remember Sam being this alert.  Maybe he was.
~  He is VERY expressive!  The range of smiles, pouts, frowns, goofy spaz, and alert observing faces is wonderful to watch.  Again, I don't remember Sam having more going on than content or screaming at this point.
~  At a week and a half old Ben was sleeping in the other room when Morgan and I heard a tiny roaring laugh.  We both swear it was him, not the tv.  It must have been a really good baby dream.  His next laugh happened on Thanksgiving at 5 weeks old.  I was holding Ben in my arms all milk drunk and half asleep.  I kissed him on his cheek and he smiled and let out a soft laugh.  I melted.  Now we anxiously await the next one!
~  Ben and Sam have already bonded and I love it!  Sam loves him.  Brings him things.  Pats him on the back when he helps to burp Ben.  And Ben likes to watch whatever Sam is doing.  Smiles when Sam comes over to say hi or touch their foreheads together.  It's all so adorable and so much more than what I had expected.  I had hoped they would be best buds forever, but didn't really expect that bond to happen till Ben was old enough to pal around on the floor along side Sam.  The sibling love is amazing.

Dr Stats:          (gotta update when I find the paper from Dr)
Weight - 11 pounds 12 ounces, 88%
Length - 23 inches, 96%
Head Size - 15.5 inches, 95%

And now, just to round things out and make up for being so late with posting this, PHOTOS!