Sunday, June 23, 2013

Midsummer, Must Destroy Daddy!

Midsummer's Eve was Saturday!  Of all the odd feast meals the boys have each year this is the one I look forward to the most.  Usually there is dancing under strings of lights hung from the trees in Matt's parents back yard.  A fertility ceremony involving a fire barrel, torches, and flowers.  The possibility (or as Caitlin says the eventual) of an explosion/someone catching on fire/man related accident of epic proportions.  Good times!

However, this year tragedy struck when Matt's grandmother passed away on Thursday.  His only remaining grandparent was lost and his mother was understandably stressed and grieving.  Especially seeing as grandma was currently living at Matt's parents house.  All of this lead to us volunteering our house to be used for the feast meal since it was too late to postpone.  So this year there was no dancing under lights, dangerous fires, or fertility ceremonies.  There's always next year.

Instead there was LOTS of cake!

And then this morning (in between party clean up attempts) Sam and Morgan had a good 'ol fashioned tickle and face smash session.  Some things are too cute not to share.

Then Sam tried to run to me and Morgan pantsed him.

And he was very confused by it.

And Daddy had to help get them drawers back up.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Something 'Bout Pencil Neck

I don't seem to be talking much about this pregnancy.  It's a combination of things.  Busy chasing Sam, not really much to tell, I'm lazy, I can't break out the laptop unless Sam is napping or he rips it apart, and I'm on Facebook this time around.  Up until I was 8 months pregnant and laid off from my job I wasn't a Facebooker.  But yeah, doing a 2 sentence status update with a photo is more in line with my lazy ways.

But, for fear that my precious pigeon pea #2 will read this 20 years from now and wonder "Why the lack of love, Mommy Dearest?" here's an update all about him.

He's growing and healthy and everything checks out.  He's much more active than Sam was.  He didn't give me his first firm kick till week 20 (which Sam did at 18 weeks), but he is constantly flipping and thumping around.  So much so that at our 20 week ultrasound they couldn't get a picture of everything they needed, even after an HOUR of scanning.  So today I went back for a 22 week follow up so they could get that last photo they needed.

No, the last photo they needed was not of his penis.  However, I like to remind myself often of the joy that will be TWO BOYS!  There are some who think I am completely loony for wanting two boys when we only plan on having two kids.  But for me, I really couldn't be happier.  I'm not a girly girl.  And I know if I had a girl she could be just like me and not care about hair bows, curling irons, ballet, and the latest hot boy band.  But. . .what if she did?  I'd have to ship her off every other weekend to my SIL's house just so she could get a dose of girldom.  This, this I am much happier with.  Much more comfy with.  All Hail The Penis!

Other than the most obvious difference (amount of activity) between Sam and Pencil Neck, he also doesn't like for me to eat.  I often go till noon before I realize I haven't had anything to eat or drink.  Even then, even though I might be starving, he sometimes just won't let me eat.  Nothing sounds like something I could manage to swallow and not feel like crap later.  He does love him some french fries!  But Mommy and Pencil Neck cannot survive on potatoes alone.  Oh, and he also hates it when I drink plain water.  Yeah, that's great.  Survival instincts.  He ain't got 'em.

Another funny thing, which I have managed to capture this time around, is that awkward stage of pregnancy where how pregnant you look completely depends upon if the baby is laying towards the front or towards your spine.  It's ridiculous.  5 1/2 months is apparently when this is the most extreme in my baby gestating.  Look and be SHOCKED!

Bedtime, kid pushing out my belly 'cause he's in the front.

Next morning, looking much smaller 'cause he's resting against my spine.

And that's about it for right now!  I have not started organizing and washing all Sam's baby clothes because I still have months to go till labor.  Kinda pointless since I would just feel that nesting urge to wash them again.  When Sam teeters over to me and grabs my belly to either headbutt it or give me a good shake we tell him "That's right!  Tell little brother to wake up!".  But of course he doesn't understand what we're telling him.  The arrival of the new baby will probably be quite the shock to him.  But I think he'll handle things just fine since, aside from the headbutting and stuffed animal choking, he's a rather gentle little guy.

And so the countdown till mid October begins!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ketchup Monday!

So, yeah.  I have this blog where I write about things and stuff so I can help myself to remember the awesome times while entertaining the 5 people who trickle by to look at cute baby photos.  Speaking of whom - Hey, cute baby photo seekers, this post won't disappoint!

So Saturday before last we went to Cowan's Gap with friends for a BBQ and swimming.  Now, if you will recall, last year when Sam was 5 or 6 months old this didn't go so well.  He hated the water! My, oh my, how things can change in a year.  This time he loved it, didn't want to leave, didn't care that the water was cold, and was chasing after other little boys and trying to play with them.  Totally adorables.

Totally in love with Karen after she gave him Doritos.

Passed out after a long day of play!

Then we jump forward to Friday, June 7th.  Our anniversary.  5 years ago we did the "I do" thing, 7 years ago we did the "Yes, I'll marry you" thing, and almost 10 years ago we did the "Hey, you wanna get dinner sometime?" thing.  We celebrated by having my mom babysit, going to my 20 week anatomy ultrasound, going out to dinner, window shopping and ice cream, and seeing the new Star Trek movie!  What a GREAT day!  I mean, really!  I was on cloud 9. 

Fist pump!

It's A Boy!!

Yeah, the fact that I am carrying around a little boy had MORE than a little to do with how happy I was on our anniversary!  I may have confused our waitress with my happy and random "Penis!" outbursts during dinner.  Morgan kept laughing at me and my hyper joy, but he was just as happy as I was.  It's just, you know, he's a man.  He instead expressed his excitement by poking my side and belly during my exam after Pencil Neck thrusted his hips forward to reveal his wiener.

Ever since I have been day dreaming of bunk beds, living room wrestling matches, and scruffy little boys who come home so dirty after a summer day of play that they have to be hosed off before they can walk inside.  I'm so excited!