Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Quick 8 Months

And I thought Sam's first year went by fast!  Until Morgan mentioned this morning that Ben only has 4 more months till we can stop buying formula, I had not stopped to think about just how quickly these first 8 months have flashed by.  Wow.

My Beloved 8 Monther:
~ Takes 2 naps a day and has a pretty fixed schedule. Which of course means everything is about to change.
~ Since having a nasty cold that lasted a few days has slept from 8:30-7:45 every night.  EVERY NIGHT!  Please let this stick!
~ Army crawls in a lurky, slow manner.  But whatever, it means he's mobile.
~ Has learned how to complain.  Does so with increasing frequency.  Still the happiest baby ever!
~ I can finally remove my hands from his sides while he's sitting up.  I can't stray far, but he is less of a supported sitter than he was just a couple short weeks ago.
~ Would like to still be a swingaholic, but his brother won't leave him alone while he's in the swing.  So he doesn't get much swing time anymore.  Debating if we should move the swing into the nursery, but really what's the point in that?
~ Protests often against the cuddles.  He wants to be on the floor where he can explore and try to steal Sam's toys.
~ Wants to explore everything with his feet.


Yeah, someone was more than a little jealous he wasn't a part of the photos.