Thursday, September 18, 2014

11 Months Old and Feeling Sad

In 4 short weeks my little apricot bunny will be a year old.  My last baby.  I spent so much time thinking about having a baby, trying to have a baby, struggling to have a baby.  Now my second baby won't be a baby much longer and I am forced to face the fact that I'm not ready for my baby years to be over so soon.  But we are done.  No more babies for us.  I got the two boys I had only dreamed I would be lucky enough to have.  But seriously, pout.

Ben continues to be the most active little thing ever.  All he wants to do is stand and cruise all day long.  All. Day. Long.  He now crawls with his belly off the ground and it makes me snicker to see him race across the floor like a little wind-up toy with his head held high.  Sam likes to tickle him and tries to wrestle with him.  Ben doesn't really understand the wrestling yet, but he's still happy to be getting attention from his big bro.  Teething has been a bit of a downer for Ben as of late.  He's cutting his second top tooth right now and it must really hurt.  Poor squidlet.

Who? Me?

Things with the family have been very, very busy lately.  MIL has had more Dr appointments than usual, and sense she is in a wheelchair now Morgan has to take her.  We just bought a new (or rather new to us) car.  Which means I am now officially a mini van rockin momma and we are trying to sell my old Scion.  I love that Scion.  It's the last thing I have of me before we became engaged, moved in together, married, home owners, parents.  I will miss it, but I LOVE my Mazda5!  It's kinda awesome to be able to take the entire family to run errands and still have room for groceries and whatever else we pick up.  I also have joined the community Halloween committee.  Meaning I'm in charge of making props for our Halloween Haunted Walk on the nature trail near our house.  So much fun!  We have almost no budget, so I am literally making everything.  Bless Pinterest.  And, of course, I've been busy planning Ben's birthday party!

Sliding Door Lust

Get On With It, 11 Month Old:
~ Crawls proper, with his belly off the ground.
~ Pulls himself to standing at any surface he can manage, including walls.
~ Cruises very well and tries to turn himself so his back is against the couch/table and take a step while reaching for you.  Can almost do this without help.
~ Loves banana bread and will strike down all those who try to take it from him
~ Like his mama, isn't too fond of the sun.  It hurts the eyes.  Maybe the soul too.
~ Is mostly wearing size 18-24 month clothing.  Sam wears 2T and 3T, still wears some 24 month pants.  Soon I suspect they will be sharing a wardrobe.  Definitely within the year.
~ Tries to climb the stairs.  Gets himself up to the 3rd step sometimes before I discover him and drag him back to safety.  Need to get a gate.
~ Is about to graduate to the big boy car seat!  Morgan says he will put it in the car this weekend.  I hope so 'cause the infant seat is TOO small!


Do you see that curl?

And some more because I loves him and his brother so much!

And there we go.  One month to go.  And also it appears I need to work on putting matching tops and bottoms on Sam!  And at some point during the month Sam got a haircut.  I think I need a nap.