Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 Months Old Already

Hi there.  It's 6am and I just finished organizing photos on this laptop and here we go for another Ben milestone post!  Time, it is a flying.

My 3 Monther:
~ Eats 4 oz roughly 8 times a day.  Every 3 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the evening.
~ Will sleep through the night!  It's not every night, but he can sleep for 8+ hours!  More often he sleeps 5-6 hours and gets up for a bottle.  Still that's GREAT!
~ Loves his activity gym.  I mean, loves it.  He lays on that thing punching and kicking like a mad man.
~ Is getting better every day at holding his head up.  Tummy time is mostly done on the couch now because Sam has stepped on Ben a couple times, but Ben doesn't mind at all because it's easier to see the tv from up on the couch.  Typical man.
~ Wears 6 month clothing.  I had to squeeze him into this skunk outfit for photos because it's a 3 month outfit.  Which means Ben is trending bigger than Sam since he wore the same outfit in his 4 month photos.  Oof.
~ Poops once a day.  And seems to understand "vacation mode" and will hold his poop till we get home if we're out running errands or visiting people.  I'm so thankful that both my kids were born with this "vacation mode".
~ Is very happy.  Smiles all the time.  Has his daddy wrapped around his finger.  And his mommy too.  Stinker.

Yesterday, the day Ben turned 3 months old, we left him for the first time.  Erin and her hubby came and watched the boys so we could have a date night.  I remember the first time I left Sam with someone else I was a wreck most of the night.  I spent our entire meal staring at the baby at the neighboring table.  Experience has made me savor these quiet hours and I handled this separation much better.  We did spend a few minutes looking at pictures of the boys on our phones and talking about them.  I did have the cell phone out on the table during our entire meal just to make sure I would see it if Erin needed us.  But it was nice to have 5 hours of quiet us time.

And here's Sam in that 4 month old photo I was talking about!

In the past month there has been much cute going on, so I'll just tack a few photos on the end here.  Plus the now infamous Baby in a Boot Box incident.  We were at Grandma Charlotte's house and needed a place to lay Ben down for a nap that was safe in a house crowded with people, a dog, and a very excited/clumsy Sam.  So we laid him in a boot box, made him all snugly comfy with blankets, and slid him under a chair!  Hey, it worked and he was safe.  He slept great too.