Sunday, June 23, 2013

Midsummer, Must Destroy Daddy!

Midsummer's Eve was Saturday!  Of all the odd feast meals the boys have each year this is the one I look forward to the most.  Usually there is dancing under strings of lights hung from the trees in Matt's parents back yard.  A fertility ceremony involving a fire barrel, torches, and flowers.  The possibility (or as Caitlin says the eventual) of an explosion/someone catching on fire/man related accident of epic proportions.  Good times!

However, this year tragedy struck when Matt's grandmother passed away on Thursday.  His only remaining grandparent was lost and his mother was understandably stressed and grieving.  Especially seeing as grandma was currently living at Matt's parents house.  All of this lead to us volunteering our house to be used for the feast meal since it was too late to postpone.  So this year there was no dancing under lights, dangerous fires, or fertility ceremonies.  There's always next year.

Instead there was LOTS of cake!

And then this morning (in between party clean up attempts) Sam and Morgan had a good 'ol fashioned tickle and face smash session.  Some things are too cute not to share.

Then Sam tried to run to me and Morgan pantsed him.

And he was very confused by it.

And Daddy had to help get them drawers back up.


  1. Lol, very cute! You should get one of those stand-alone fire pits you can drag under your porch or store inside in the winter. Lots of people have those around here it seems. One house broke it out at Halloween and used it as a prop for their witch costumes as they handed out candy. Ev stll calls it the "fire house" when we pass it. lol

    Also - did Morgan get a sunburn or what?

    1. Yeah, our neighbors have a fire ring like that. It's really nice, but I won't let Morgan get one because I know how his friends are with fire and I kinda like my fence, yard, house, life. I mean, most people know better than to pour straight gasoline from a gas can on an open fire.
      And no sunburn. That's just what happens to gingers when they are hot/excited/laughing a lot.

  2. Oh, God - there is nothing sweeter than chubby little toddler feet! I swear, you just made my one remaining ovary explode with teh Sam Cuteness. :)

    We have one of those fire bowls, too, and meh, it's just okay. You have to deal with the messy ashes afterwards, and men + fire = disastrous consequences. Adult boys are so weird.

    1. Adult boys are weird! And it's like the more boys present the lower the average IQ dips. They regress back to wolf pack mentality.