Friday, July 19, 2013

An Unsolicited Review: Addycase

I have this toddler.  This toddler who is an ipad hog.  And this toddler LOVES to get into the istore and try to install things at random.  Kids really do have magic little fingers that can do things on electronic devices in a split second and you have no idea how they did it!  He installed a skee ball game.  At least it's a fun game and it was free.

I've been looking for an ipad case designed to make the ipad more kid friendly.  Something that helped protect it from drops and slams, blocked access to the home button, and wasn't hideous.  After a few searches I found the Addycase!  The ONLY case I found that did all of the above without being military grade protection.  All the kid covers, with the exception of the Addycase, didn't even cover the home button.  Seriously?  That home button is the gateway to all things i-related that you don't want tiny fingers getting at.  What are they thinking when they design these things?

So yeah.  I bought one and have been using it for about 2 weeks at this point.  It's pretty ideal.  The soft rubbery cover has a handle to make holding and carrying it around easier for toddler hands.  It has ports in the case to allow you to use the camera (front and back), use the mute button, and plug it in to charge.  And even though the case does cover the home button, on/off button, and volume controls you can still access them with your adult fingers and a little pressure!  Plus there's no way he could get the cover off.  Not like the cover on my phone which he can remove in 1.3 seconds flat.

Sam has dropped the ipad at least 3 times, thrown in once, and spent probably too many hours playing the couple of apps I went ahead and purchased for him these past 2 weeks.  Nothing broken/cracked/etc.  Like I said, pretty much ideal in design.

Now if only the designers of apps would stop putting buttons in the kid games that lead you DIRECTLY to the istore!  And I'm not talking about just free apps.  Apps that I have paid for have tricksy little buttons attractive to tiny eyes.  But eh, at least the case solves half the problem!


  1. You know you can turn off In-App purchasing..right?

    1. No! I didn't know that! How?

    2. Got it! Under restrictions. Thank you! But unfortunately it does nothing to disable the link between the app and the istore. So he can still get in there and get into all kinds of goodies. It just stops you from getting instant purchases from ads I guess.

  2. I'm with you on wanting those stupid links to just disappear. WHY, game designers??? Stop driving the parents crazy!

    Also, my son's daycare uses Addycases for their clients with CP & other disabilities. They're pretty indestructible & the therapists really recommend them - happy to hear it's working for you, too!

  3. Yeah, I know! I mean, the biggest issue is I don't want him to be able to leave the app I give him to play! Grrrrrrrr.
    That's so neat that you have seen these in use before! It was ridiculous trying to find something that does exactly what an Addycase does. You would think these things would be incredibly popular since they ACTUALLY work!