Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I keep wanting to compare this pregnancy to my last pregnancy.  No secret that this time around things have been a little more uncomfortable for me.  I think mostly because, as odd as this may sound, I'm not as active now that I'm not working.  You would think that chasing after a toddler all day long would be more activity, but no.  Definitely no.  Not with the kind of job I had.  And since I'm not as active I tend to get tired a little quicker and experience more discomfort when trying to do things like rolling around on the floor with Sam.

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks pregnant.  I was 29 weeks pregnant with Sam during that hectic week leading up to Christmas when we were crazy busy at work.  Then I was laid off at 30 weeks and worked one additional week packing up equipment and years worth of work.  I wonder if I would have the stamina to do that now?  To pack all those boxes of computers up, stack them, and prep them for shipment.  Not sure I could.  At least not without sneaking a nap on my office floor.  (I totally should have done that!)

I've been having cramps on one side of my uterus.  My back is killing me.  I pee constantly out of fear that one of these times I'm just not going to make it to a toilet during a Pencil Neck kicking frenzy.  The indigestion hasn't been as bad as it was with Sam, so YAY!  And thanks to the new mattress we got earlier this year I'm actually sleeping.  And I mean getting quality sleep despite waking up several times a night to pee.  So thankful for that one.

Other than me thinking a lot about pregnancy and having dreams about breast feeding (hello anxiety!) we have been happily busy lately.  Pig roasts, house warming parties, lots of library events, teething molars, a lost toddler war against the coffee table leg, and a Sam that has come down with a nasty head cold with cough.  So here's a few photos to make up for all the words.
Those donkeys are the biggest dogs he's ever seen!

Silly friend without kids gives a baby his OWN ice cream cone.

"Coffee table mean tu me!"


  1. Take that baby for walks around the neighborhood, lady. Pop him in the stroller and go for a walk. No lie, I never felt as good during a pregnancy as I did when I was training for the 10k and going hiking on our long camping trip. I did none of that this last pregnancy and yeah, it was really uncomfortable.

    1. Oh, I know! When I was working and pregnant I would go to work early so I could mall walk a few miles. Part of the reason I felt so good! But I don't do heat. I'm not like you. I can't go to the zoo on hot days to take advantage of my membership. I can't stand not having AC. And being pregnant has only made that worse. Pretty much it has to be in the 70's for me to be willing to do that.