Saturday, January 7, 2012

That Was Nice

It's official.  I am a home bound person of the unemployed persuasion.

My last day of work was a good one.  CABL for the most part left me alone and stopped going thru the trash in my office to figure out if I was throwing away stuff they "might need someday".  You know, in case they decide to reverse their decision and the same property group keeps the mall and reopens the customer service department.

Packing up/throwing away everything you have worked on for 4 years is an oddly therapeutic process.  Everything that needed to be returned to the company fit into 58 boxes.  Those 58 boxes left on Thursday afternoon and I spent the rest of my day wandering around the mall and saying goodbye to people.

My coworkers surprised me and had a Going Away/Baby Shower just before the end of the day.  Cake, cards, and lots of laughs.  And Candace, using her skills, made some quick decorations.

The Welfare Mother Theme Shower

We had come up with this inappropriate idea earlier in the week that my baby shower in February should be "Welfare Mother" themed.  I know a lot of people would take offense to this, but with my wicked and sarcastic sense of humor I laughed my head off while coming up with ideas.  Candace ran with it.  So awesome!  I don't know if you can tell in this photo, but each letter has a different welfare image depicted on it.  WIC logos, Newport cigarettes, Old English malt liquor, food stamps, a trailer park, and government cheese!  This will so be hanging above the crib when we finish the nursery!

And now I get to focus on stuff I am really looking forward to.  Things I have been putting off because I just simply didn't have the time or energy to do them before.  Cleaning the house, reorganizing the pantry, preparing the nursery, and maybe even putting together some photo albums.  If you wanna hang out, just let me know!

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