Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Shower! Not Mine!

My friend Beth is also pregnant.  3 weeks behind me in gestation and also having a boy!  This weekend the shower for her and baby Gage happened.  And the cute was pretty extreme.

Like the hand made giant crab pillow that our friend Jessica made!  Or the amazing quilt that Audrey made.

It was several hours of fun, food, and cute gifts.  Beth was truly surprised.  And she got so much cool stuff.  Which in turn gave me more ideas for things to put on our registry.  Muhahah!

As an added bonus for the weekend, Audrey and Delilah were here all weekend long.  Ahhh, friend time.  And cute toddler time.  And cute friend and upside down toddler time.  etc.  Happy.
The master of entertaining kids while in public.

Kids always look cute in little hats.

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