Monday, January 16, 2012

Tomorrow is Tuesday

My husband only has a few hours remaining of his 4 day holiday weekend.  We have spent every minute of the past 4 days together.  I can tell you one thing for definite - that's too much when I am bitchy hormonal.  I'm glad that he's returning to work tomorrow 'cause I can't bite my tongue for much longer and he has managed to make filthy every surface I spent this past week cleaning.  Don't get me wrong, I love the man.  And I'm pretty sure he has just about had it with my loud sighing and shooting glances that I can't hold back.  Some day these hormones will be gone.  And that day will be a happy day.

What have we done over our special time together? 

Friday:  Not a damn thing other than going to the comic book store so he could get his "stories".
Saturday:  Not a damn thing till we decided that night to go grocery shopping.  We rock so hard.
Sunday:  Childbirth class!  I enjoyed it.  Highlight of class was trying to practice my breathing while facing Morgan who is making me laugh too hard to be able to breathe.  It also scared me a bit.  Didn't have a fear in my little head at all about the birth process until about half way thru that class.  But I'm looking forward to the rest of our classes.  I like the woman who teaches them and that helps.
Monday:  Our birthday.  He is now 33 and I am now 32.  We spent some time at his Grandma's house visiting with her, and my mother made stuffed cabbage rolls and had the family over for dinner.  We didn't get to spend time with MIL because she fell in the morning and was too stiff and sore to want visitors.  It was a good day.  :)

So yeah.  Another year older.  Another year wiser?  Another week closer to having this baby.


  1. Happy Birfday, love! I'm glad the Karma present came through for you two. (Is that mean?)

  2. Thanks! And if the Karma present you speak of is the MIL. . .well. . .no, that's not mean. It's the very definition of karma. :)