Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby & Bean Stew

Part One:  Baby
This morning was our 32 week/8 month Dr appointment with growth ultrasound.  Baby, as yet unnamed,  is measuring 2 weeks ahead (5 pounds 3 ounces) and is in the 73%.  I don't quite understand the % thing, gonna have to look that one up.  They explained it as he is big, but not THAT big.  So yay?

I was surprised to find out that in the past 2 weeks I have lost 3 pounds.  Making my grand total for weight gained so far 11 pounds, 5 of which is pure baby.  Once I thought about it the weight loss kinda made sense.  I just spent a few days packing up 58 boxes of computer parts and merchandise.  That ain't the easiest thing to do when you are quite pregnant.

I wish I had ultrasound photos to share!  Baby is head down and tucked way down low, so they couldn't get any profile shots.  So they didn't print out any photos from the ultrasound for us.  Sadness.

Part Two:  White Bean Stew
Since I am going to be home and cooking dinners - I started looking up recipes I have been wanting to try.  I figure I'll slip one new recipe a week into the mix to see if I can find some new things we both like.  I'm also making it my goal that twice a week we have a meat-free dinner.  Morgan does not like the idea at all, but he certainly tore into this stew last night.  So win for team veggie!

The cutest little mini bottle of wine ever!

One thing required for this stew that I was a little iffy on is the chard.  This is our second attempt at making something with chard.  The first one failed miserably.  But this was a perfect addition to the stew.  And the white wine adds such a wonderful fragrance and flavor.  It was amazing.

Finished product was very tasty, even better when drizzled with a little red wine vinegar.  The recipe calls for sherry vinegar, but we couldn't find any and the red wine vinegar was delicious with it.  This recipe was a WIN all around.  Easy to make, fairly simple and cheap ingredients, and just plain wonderful.


  1. 11lbs = 5lbs baby and 6lbs blood, fluid, placenta and swollen uterus. :D

    73% means that he is 23% larger than the "average" size of a baby his age. (of course this is going by ultrasound measurements which are not 100% accurate) That's all. Ev was in the upper 90s the whole way through, and still is, if it helps you understand. I think K was probably under 50% seeing as she is and was a teensy little thing.

  2. You, my dear, have such a way with words. :)

    And I wish the ultrasound tech had explained the % thing this way. Makes total sense! Thanks!