Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Plot Thickens

So I was laid off on Friday and have had several days now to get used to the idea.  Family and friends have been amazing in their support and trying to help me find the silver lining to this storm cloud.  The husband is freaking out over the situation a lot more than I am, but he'll get over it once the shock has worn off for him.

Now we get to the interesting part.  I'm still working till Thursday packing up everything that was part of my department and shipping it off to various locations.  Computers, manuals, stock and supplies, etc. So I am still there and hearing all the gossip and watching everyone who still has a job panic.  This is a very unique position to be in.  Awkward, yes.  But unique.  And things don't look good.

As previously posted - the company I work for defaulted on their loan for the mall.  Meaning the mall is for sale, but as far as we know there is no buyer at this time.  However, my company is completely abandoning the property.  Over the weekend anything on mall that had the property group name on it has disappeared.  No signs, door clings, floor clings, or anything else identifying the mall as being owned by them.  Soon we will no longer have our social media (facebook, twitter, foursquare) pages since they are linked thru this company.  Soon we will no longer have the website provided by the company.  Meaning that the marketing department has to build all of this from scratch on their own.

None of that is giving the still employed that warm and fuzzy safe feeling.  My work friend, Candace, is the marketing assistant and will be responsible for creating the new website, mall signs, everything.  She is job hunting.  She's pretty sure the writing on the wall is spelling the end of days for current employees.  Especially for her once she finishes creating these things since half of her job was backing up MY staff.  Therefore half of her job is gone and she really doesn't have much of anything to do all day long.

It will be fun watching from afar as things unfold.  Now I'm kinda thankful that I was the first to be let go as the panic of not knowing when/if my job is next has to be more stressful than what I'm going thru.


  1. I feel bad for Candace. What is Boss Lady like?

  2. I feel bad for her too. Her husband was laid off just weeks after she had her baby last year. So she had to come back early from her maternity leave and they are just now getting themselves back on track. If she were to loose her job right now they would be even worse off than they were when he lost his.
    CABL is being typical manic CABL. She gave me a 2 page to do list yesterday of everything to make sure I get done by the time I leave on Thursday. She also keeps making comments about "This is like a bad break up. You just want to get rid of all your ex-boyfriends stuff as soon as possible!" But she keeps forgetting that I am the ex-boyfriends favorite sweater. So those comments are not the kind of thing you want to say in front of me right now. Biting my tongue. Need good reference letter. Bah!