Saturday, January 21, 2012

Too Much Fun

Today was our "Where's The Instruction Manual?" class.  This is the class I was looking forward to more than any of the others.  The class where they teach you how to change a diaper, bathe baby, swaddle, dress, etc.  Cause I am hella clueless when it comes to what to do with a baby.  You would think I would know all this stuff considering how baby crazy I was and how long it took for us to get preggo.  But no.  Big no.  I have basically zero infant experience.

So a class that offered hands on practice with a life size doll was super exciting to me.  Especially when we discovered the newborn dolls are anatomically correct!

Baby has a weenis!

There was much fumbling and laughing as we tried to undress and manipulate the doll.  And I was so happy to see the other couples also failing and pulling awkwardly at the tiny clothes.  At one point Morgan had me laughing so hard while giving me pointers on how to wash a taint that I was crying in the middle of class.  The instructor kept giving me strange looks as I quietly wiped the tears away from my eyes and tried to behave.  You can't tell me I'm the only one who has done that in her class.  I refuse to believe that.
Daddy & the Snot Sucker

We had so much fun.  We learned a lot.  And I know it will be a confusing and completely different situation when the baby is crying and squirming, but I really do think this class is the best thing ever.  

The above photo we sent to my mother to see if she would think I gave birth and didn't tell her I was going to the hospital.  No reply yet.  She likely can't figure out how to read her text messages on her new phone.  


  1. I never took this class, so I'm jealous of the Lols. Also, I have used a snot sucker exactly twice ever. Those things suck because unless the kid has major booger backup it just irritates the mucus membranes and makes them swell, thus making breathing harder instead of easier.

  2. Too bad you skipped this class. It is inded hilarious. Although best question to come out of Morgan was asked on our way to class. "where do they get the babies from for the class?". He thought we would have real live newborns to practice on!

  3. Our class is tonight - I'm pretty excited about it! :)