Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Photo Round Up

This boy.  Oh, how I loves him.

Opinions and all.

He's not a fan of pants in hot weather.

Which means he's pretty normal.

Even if he is the world's ONLY child that doesn't like forts.

He does, however, like to nap in random soft places.

And, once again, not wear pants.

And I am huge at 29 weeks pregnant!


  1. Look at that belly!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!! Sam is starting to look more kid than baby! Good thing you've got a new squish on the way!

    1. Yes! And if I didn't know better I would think this new squish is already full grown! It's amazing how strong he is and how large he feels when he rolls over.

  2. How can he not like forts? Silly kid. :) Does he at least like to play in big, old cardboard boxes?

    And yay for your belly!! (Although gorgeous, it makes me wonder how you're doing in the crazy heat waves this summer has been sending. Hope you're staying cool!)

    1. Haven't tried the cardboard box fort yet! But we just got a huge box with an Amazon order that I saved for just that reason! Heat has been an issue for me. Even with this being a rather mild Maryland summer I still melt with the fire within. I've spent most of my days camped out by the ac vent waiting for it to kick on. ;)