Monday, August 26, 2013

18 Months Owl

Yup, he's a year and a half old now!  If there is one thing I can say about Sam that no one could ever argue, it's that he has a great personality.  He makes me laugh every day, even when I'm not feeling too good.  The temper tantrums of "why can't I do anything I wanna do?" have begun, but never last long.  He is a very independent little guy, which I guess is a good thing considering my attentions will soon be focused on a newborn.  He loves it when you sit and play with him, but he's often just as happy to be figuring things out on his own.  He will often walk off with a collection of items to sit on his own and fumble around with them.  He refuses to hold my hand while walking, but it's okay if Daddy holds his hand!  He's silly and smart.  He babbles non stop, but hasn't added many words to his vocabulary at all.

And he poops a lot.  A lot.  Like sometimes 7 times a day.  Good Lord.  That should make potty training a treat.

Stuffs He Do:
~  He can stack blocks.  Not just 2 or 3, but rather tall stacks of blocks.  Motor skills are good!
~  He understands how things work and demands that the light switch be flipped on & off while eating his breakfast every morning.
~  Everything is a phone.  If you say "ring ring!" he will pick up whatever is close and say "Hi!"
~  His favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that's library day and he gets to see all his friends!  At the end of the toddler program is the only time he waves and says "Bye" at the same time.  It's adorable and kills me.
~  He is a fruitaholic.  He's learning to like meat.  He hates all things veggie.  He used to love them.  I miss that.
~  The Sprout Good Night Show is our best friend in this house.  It has helped us to inch his bedtime down to 8:45!  I know that sounds late for a wee one, but it's much better than the 9:30-10 that was his norm.  Yay for Nina!

Photo time is hard.  So hard.

These Peter Cotton-tail overalls once belonged to my husband.  They are really cute, although I can't seem to wash the smell of old lady house out of them.  Anyway, the above shows Sam on his 18 month birthday and Morgan on his 1 year birthday!  So cute.

Update with stats from his Dr appointment:
Height is 34.75 inches, 97%
Weight is 25 pounds 7 ounces, 50%
Head size they didn't write down for me, but they did say it's still above the 97%.
So he's staying true to form and growing steadily!

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  1. Get a dvd of the good night show.. you might be able to inch bed time even lower!