Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cowans Gap State Park, Pa

Oh, poor Sam.  Poor, poor baby.  The following photo essay is a glimpse at the trials of his day at the lake.  He did not have a good time.  No, no indeed.  He tried really hard to be a good boy, and as long as he wasn't in the water he pretty much was a good boy.  But oh man, was he not happy about things.
Happier Times

The day started off well enough.  Cute swim outfit - check.  Adorable sun hat - check.  Adoring friends to pinch his chubby thighs - check.  Swim diaper - check.  Ah, yeah. . .swim diaper.

"Ahhhhhhhhh. . ."

Yes, that is the look of concentration of a baby who is peeing out of his diaper and all over Karen's leg.  Me, being a fool, didn't know that swim diapers don't hold urine.  He peed on quite a few legs before it dawned on me what the problem was.  DOH!  At first I just thought it was sweat because it was so hot and humid.  Foolish mommy is dumb.

The lake.  After the BBQ it was time to introduce Sam to the concept of a cold water lake.  The water really wasn't that cold at all.  It actually felt GREAT on a hot day.  But it's much cooler than bath water, obviously.  Here's how it went:
"Ummm. . .no"

"Miss Karen, I said no."

"This is okay.  I can just watch everyone else have fun."

"I don't care about splashing!  I said NO!"

Le Sigh.  He did at least like it when I would scoop up a handful of wet sand and let him smoosh it between his toes.  But that was about it.  Maybe next year.  I mean, what little boy doesn't like to splash in the shallows and chase minnows?  

So no swimming for mommy.  Sam and I hung out on the beach playing in the sun shade the boys had constructed for him.  I guess I'm going to invest in a nice beach sun shade.  I saw a few of them yesterday in action and have in mind what would work great for us and our growing boy.

"I shun you, momma."

"All I need is my rattle ball.  You can leave us now."

We managed to escape the hot day at the lake with only sunburn on daddy, who played in the lake for hours.  "Play" meaning him and Matt would pick up huge rocks off the lake floor and put them on their chests too see who could stay underwater the longest.  Boys are strange.  Sam has a tiny bit of pink on his arms and cheeks, but he's fine.  Yay for sunshade!  All in all it was a fun day.  I just wish I could have done some swimming.  Oh well, next year.  Right?

Learning to play cards, wearing a normal diaper

Napping off the trauma of the lake on daddy's Metallica beach towel.



  1. That last picture is nice! I mean, they're all know what I'm saying. Invest in a beach umbrella. We've used ours in the back yard this summer!

    1. :) Karen took that last one. She was playing with my camera. She's turning out to be a pretty good picture taker. She's always posting pretties on Facebook.