Sunday, August 26, 2012

6 Months and Crabby

Yesterday was the annual crab feast at Ryan's house.  Always a good time.  A yummy, salty, spicy, nom nom time.  Eating crabs is always a messy endeavor.  Which is why Matt felt it necessary to make a crab poncho out of a trash bag.

Seriously messy.  Behold the carnage left by 6 adults consuming an entire bushel of crabs.

Sam, of course, is too young to be able to enjoy any of this.  But he was a good boy and spent most of the adult hog time playing with his toys and only occasionally needing a pat on the head or a flung toy retrieved.  And he was a sport and indulged his momma's need for odd pictures.

"I has crab hat?"

The evening was rounded out with a run to our favorite ice cream shop, board games, puppy love, and changing a poopy diaper on Ryan's coffee table.  I'm breaking in these menfolk properly to the world of life with a baby.  

Ah, yes.  Life with a baby!  A 6 Month Old Samuel Chase!  Has it really been half a year since I squeezed out my squishy?  That is amazing to me.  Time is flying and he's growing up way too fast.  Yet at the same time I love nothing more than when he figures out how to do something new or wakes up in the morning with feet that look bigger than they were when we went to bed.  I can't wait till our Dr appointment on Tuesday so I can find out what all his weight/height stats are now. 

My 6 Monther . . .
Can sit unassisted for long periods of time before teetering!
Has to be held back to protect him from his wild lunges at things he wants.
Adores the cats and longs to be able to chase them around the house.
Definitely knows the word "Kitty".  If I say it he looks around and searches the mythical beast out.
Enjoys his baby food!  Especially sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, and apples.
Loves his daddy, but wants his mommy for snuggles and comforts.
Babbles in what sounds like sentences.  "Dada bagoo aaaagggg haaaakeeeey!"
Mouths anything that can be drug to his pie hole.
Has become a squirmy bottle eater to the point that I sometimes dread it.
Has been known to undo his diaper if not wearing clothes.
Still can't roll from his belly to his back.
Gags himself when he get too into sucking his fingers/entire hand.
Has the cutest laugh I have ever heard and thinks just about everything is funny.

6 Month Owl y'all!

And then I went a little crazy and decided to take this photo.  I'm sure Morgan thought I had lost my mind as he watched me set up the photo and then ask him to help me with the baby.  But in the end I know he likes it.  I caught him staring at the photo on the computer and smiling.  And look!  Perfect way to celebrate his new found strength in sitting up!

Baby butt!  The cute kills me.  Love this kid!

Update 8/28/12 -  Just got back from the Dr and little mister is 18 pounds 14 ounces, 28 inches long, 18 inch head.  Cripes!  This means he is in the 75% for weight, 90-95% for height and head size.  Lord Humungus!


  1. I love that last photo. I hate the crab feed photos..dammit I want crabs! That's one of the few things I despise about living in crabs!

    1. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to the crabs this year since last year I was pregnant and sat there watching them eat alllllll those crabs. The heavenly aroma hanging in the air. It was torture to only eat the 2 crabs I had last year! Salt, mercury, and nervousness held me back. I lost count of how many I ate this year.

      That said. I understand and I'm sorry. :)

    2. Oh, you could bet your ball sack I'd be elbow deep in Old Bay seasonings if I had the chance to be at a crab feed. My babies survived sushi, this one can survive cooked crab. And salt.