Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Week So Far

He likes his teether toys now.  Does this mean he'll sprout something soon?

I don't care about the Bumbo recall.  Why?  Because I'm not an idiot who puts the baby on a table.

We have been prepping and freezing corn.  Lots of corn.

My baby has monster pajamas!!!!!

He has learned the dreaded back arch of doom.  Feeding him is like an Olympic sport now.

Pears are his new favorite food.  But I hate pear diapers.  Sweet Jesus.

He tipped over into this position and pondered life for a while.  

I have too much free time.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Those are the PJs we got Del for her Halloween costume as a dragon last year! I made a tail and attached it, simple and easy! The photo of him eating with the milk going everywhere reminds me of footage of baby elephants being fed from bottles!

    1. I remember that! That dragon costume was so stinkin cute!