Thursday, August 2, 2012

Future Pilot

Three days of baby smothering by visiting family has just drawn to an end.  Sam did his job well and was all smiles and cuddles at the family gatherings at G-gma's house.  Then promptly turned into a monster as soon as we got back to our house.  It's an even trade.  Keeps up appearances.  So I guess he can keep his good boy status.
Lion Butt with Aunt Barb

Sam is a boy.  A lone boy child born to a family where so far all the grandkids have been girls.  This makes Uncle Dave a very happy man.  Uncle Dave is an engineer, an avid pilot who owns a yellow biplane, a nerd.  He's also a great story teller and overall hilarious guy.  I think Uncle Dave (who has 2 daughters in college) fell in love with Sam.  He kept talking about sending toy planes, wanting to take him up some day in his plane, and wanting to teach Sam about aviation history.  He already had a long talk with him today about the different types of planes Amelia Earhart flew and what colors they were.  Yes, Uncle Dave is a happy man.  Too bad he lives in Illinois.  
Hope you're not afraid of heights like your mom!

We really didn't do much while they were here.  We ate, we talked, we laughed, we shared stories.  It was great!  And as I was loading Sam up into the car to drive home they stood there with sad faces knowing the next time they see him will be next summer.  He'll be walking, running, climbing everything in sight, and might not want as many baby snuggles as they certainly wanted on this trip.  That's okay, he might be into planes by then.  Planes or boats.  Uncle Dave left him that choice, but he doesn't own a boat.  So yeah, planes.


  1. Girls could like that stuff too. Pffft. Still..Uncle Dave is a cute, with his old dude classes and hair cut. I guess we can give him a pass. ;)

    1. Oh, he tried with his 2 girls. He even had pictures of fighter jets taped on the wall right next to their diaper changing table to try to drill it into them early. No go. They're girly girls.