Monday, August 20, 2012

The Snugg

Project Disclaimer -  I am not a crafty person.  I don't have much sewing talent.  This, a very simple thing that only took half a day to make while Morgan took care of Sam, would be considered very complicated for me.  Just saying.  I'm proud.

Things that Sam like include things with texture, things with contrasting colors, and things that look like those annoying fabric care tags that hang off your clothes.  He has recently taken to falling asleep for his naps while snuggling his burp cloth.  Snuggling and playing with the fabric care tag on the burp cloth.  This gave me the idea to make him a snugg.

So I went to the fabric store and raided the remnant bin.  Navy blue corduroy, ribbons of various kinds, and a bold print featuring anchors.  The corduroy is a fun texture for him to scratch at.  The anchor fabric is very bright and contrasty.  There are thin ribbons with knots on the ends for him to chew on.  Long wavy ribbons for him to grab a hold of.  Thick embroidered ribbons for him to study.  And yet more twisty, loopy ribbons for him to work with his little chubby fingers.

End result?  Sam is very happy with his snugg!  Studying, chewing, thrashing, twisting, and snuggling it like it's his new best friend.  Yes, score one for momma.

"No more photos!  Leave us, we're busy."

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