Sunday, February 10, 2013

With 15 Days to Spare

This morning Sam decided it was time to start crawling.  You know, cause that's probably something he should do before he turns a year old.  Just to prove that he can do it.  So what if most babies do this task around 6-9 months of age?  He was just taking his time.  Back off.

And all the motivation he needed was the cabinet of no-no.  Why, oh why, was this entertainment center designed without a door over the center section where you put all your players of various kinds?  I spend about 70% of my day telling him to get away from _______ .   But if that's where his motivation lies, then so be it.  

YAY for Samuel!  15 days till you turn one and you're off and crawling!


  1. You know, Chris never crawled. He just rolled around or scoonched. Then he walked. Not unheard of. :D

    1. Yeah. My cousin did that too. We really thought that was the way it would be for Sam too. I'm just glad I won't be getting "the look" when I get asked if he's crawling and I reply no.