Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 18th @ 12:10am

Introducing Benedict Ethan!

9 pounds 13 ounces, 21.5 inches long

Labor was pretty textbook and much easier than what I went through with Sam.  From the time I was given meds to thin my cervix till he was born was about 13 hours.  Much better than 30!  And this kid broke my water for me in the most interesting of ways.  I was sitting up in the hospital bed reading when he bucked HARD like a horse inside of me and I heard a pop.  It shocked me so much that I yelped and scared the crap out of Morgan.  A few seconds later I noticed that I was leaking and then flooded the bed.  TMI, I know. But it was so freaky!

Ben is 10 kinds of awesome!  He looks almost EXACTLY like newborn Sam.  I mean, carbon copy likeness.  To the point that both Morgan and I keep catching ourselves calling him Sam.  He's a very good natured baby unless he is hungry.  Then watch out!  His appetite is pretty amazing.

We are home now.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  Ben didn't get named till Sunday, the day we were leaving the hospital, and we actually ended up filling out two sets of birth certificate forms because we weren't sure which name we were going to turn in when the paperwork lady came around to make things official.  Things are going pretty good except for a rough patch here and there as we adjust to our new family unit.  Really, we couldn't be happier!


  1. Two birth certificates! Did you keep the alternate as proof to the story when you one day tell him "you could have been called.."?

    1. We did keep the form because it has my social security number in it and stuff. Need to shred that. The look on the nurses face when she left our room with a Simon to go weigh him and brought us back a Benedict 20 minutes later was pretty priceless.

    2. Don't shred it! He could use it one day for a new identity when he becomes a super spy and needs to hide out and disavow you all to protect you. :D

  2. Congratulations! Love his name, and all his hair! Beautiful family :)