Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Weekend of Fall Goodness!

Things we did this holiday weekend:

1.  Pumpkin Patch, Fools!  On a beautiful and warm day we took a family field trip to Jumbo's.  We had a mission.  Find an absurdly large pumpkin.  One that we could fit our 20 pound wonder Pud into.  We found a beauty (56 inch circumference) that will work nicely.  We'll probably carve it up and take "OMG GIANT BABY!" photos next weekend so the thing won't be rotten by the time Halloween gets here.  Jumbo's also had a farm animal petting zoo and kids crafting stations, all of which he is too young for.  But ahh, next year.  Yes.  It'll be grand.

2.  Brunswick Railroad Days!  Really, this should be called "Brunswick Day to Hang Out on the Street and Scare All the Little Kids With How Ugly You Are While Trying to Sell Your Hideous Crafts/Homemade Weapons".  Cause Yeah.  I clutched my baby tight as a man snuck up behind me and asked if I wanted to have him hold Sam while I climbed up onto the firetruck and then he would hand the baby back to me.  I'm sure he was just trying to be nice, but he was rough looking and it bothered me.  We quickly left the area with the firetrucks.

But we did get to finally go to the great little coffee shop/cafe there in town and also get our Sloppy Taco fix.  Plus Sam got to watch some trains go by and we were out of the house.  So that's a win!

3.  MIL came over for a grandson visit.  I love the look on Sam's face in this photo.  

4.  No photos for this one, but guess who has TWO teeth now.  I suppose I should say at least two teeth.  He won't let me poke around in there to do a detailed count.  I have to make my mouth inspections in a split second or be met with baby fury.  But yes, at least two teeth!

5.  Temps dipped into the 30's last night and so we broke out the extra warm baby pajamas.  He's not a fan of hoods, but he's so stinkin cute!

6.  Not sure this should make the list - but I just watched a hawk eat another bird in our backyard.  Kinda awesome.


  1. I am excited about all of these things. Well, except the MIL visit. But I do love his expression..priceless, kid.

    1. Yeah. I love it when you can tell what's going on in that head of his. When he finds his words he's gonna be a riot!