Thursday, April 18, 2013

8 Days Away

My sweetest, bestest of friends had her third baby at the beginning of this month.  Kimball is an adorable little, tiny, squishy, baby boy and I can't wait to pinch his thighs.  Next Friday a friend and I leave for Cleveland to do just that.  I'm leaving Sam behind with his Daddy.

Which means I'm already starting to go through the very early stages of panic because I've never been away from Sam overnight.  I've never not been there to kiss him goodnight.  Daddy has never given him a bath, a situation I plan to remedy tomorrow night.  Daddy has never had to go through the goodnight routine without me there to settle and ready him to be taken upstairs.  Plus Morgan keeps teasing the hell out of me that Sam's going to start walking while I'm away.  This teasing, I think, is because he secretly (or not so secretly) is even more nervous about 3 days of solo parenting than I am about leaving him for that long.

Oof.  I apologize, Audrey, if I have a 5 minute breakdown while visiting you.  But I promise it will be a quick one.  Just don't let me sit in the corner with my phone looking at pictures like this one and everything will be fine.


  1. I am sad to report that Kimball's thighs are not especially chubby, despite his birth weight. He's long and lean..a compact 8+lbs. lol I will gladly fill your arms with baby and you can close your eyes and pretend if it makes it easier on you. Or set the kids on you immediately and have them crawling over you and exhausting you so as to not give you time to be too sad.

    1. No pinchable thighs? Noooooo! I'm sure I can find a loose bit to give a poke. And yeah, after a coupe months of saying leaving Sam for a few nights would be no big deal, I'm feeling the tug already. But I think once I manage to get out of Maryland I'll be fine.