Monday, April 1, 2013

Le Sigh, T'is Boring Here

Ho hum, ho hum.  What's a bored housewife to do?  With her first world problems and plenty she could be doing (hello laundry!), but nothing that she wants to do.

I haven't been posting much as of late because there really isn't much of anything going on.  Easter was fun.  Sam was gifted a blue Easter bunny bigger than he is by his Grandpa.  And since he gave him a giant blue Easter bunny last year he now has two of them. . . sitting in the closet.  Here's hoping this doesn't become a yearly thing because that closet can only hold so many bunnies.

Our weekends have been filled with this and that, but nothing too terribly exciting or picture worthy.  Spring is here and the daffodils have bloomed and my iris have already shot up with buds prepping to pop, so that's awesome!  But yeah. . .

So, here's a picture of the boy.  He learned how to use a straw cup this week.  He also learned how much fun it is to flick the straw and shoot milk everywhere.  Yup, highlight of the week over here.

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  1. If he keeps giving you blue bunnies you should eventually take a photo filled with them ET style and Sam "hidden" amongst them, maybe wearing bunny ears. Then send it to Grandpa. ;)