Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Library Time aka Mommy Social Hour

For a little under a year now I've been taking Sam to the Babies With Books program at our library.  I love this program.  We sit in a circle with our little, and not so little, babies and do fun things like bouncing rhymes, instrument play, bubble time, and parachute play.  After the program we have about 15 minutes of free play and us moms get to chit chat.  As a mommy who doesn't get out of her house as often as she probably should, I live for Tuesday mornings.

A couple weeks ago, and again today someone broke out their phone to take a few snap shots of the baby extravaganza.  I never bring my camera/phone into the circle because I know I go a bit nuts with the photos and I didn't want to creep anyone out when I'm taking 40 pictures with their kid involved.  But if someone else does it?  YAY!  As long as they share it with the group.

That little girl on the left is Sam's girlfriend.  They always seek each other out.

They share a mutual love of other peoples strollers.


  1. lol! I was looking at the first set of photos thinking..wow how long ago did she mullet him, his bangs have grown in!? then I saw the last one and realized they were pre-mullet pics.

    1. Yeah, I chopped his locks a week ago. 2 weeks ago they took the first batch of photos and then this week a friend took that last one.