Monday, May 13, 2013


Turn back time with me.  Think back, kinda way back.  Valentine's Day to be exact.  The hubby and I had been working on a secret project for a few months and Valentine's Day was the big day!  Test taking day.


That's right, my little friends!  Having Sam seems to have boosted my magical fertility powers and Morgan and I are now pregnant with no medical assistance.  We were shocked, to be sure.  Yes, this is a very planned pregnancy.  But did I really think we would be able to get pregnant on our own?  No.    We were pretty much just messin around while waiting for our tax refund to show up so we could go back to Shady Grove Fertility.  SURPRISE!

Which means I've been a pukey mess.  Which means I didn't get to taste ANY of that wine on that fabulous winery limo tour I went on in March.  Which means I almost outed my own pregnancy at a dinner party when I unexpectedly developed a gnarly morning sickness reaction to turnips.  Which means that April 1st post about how we had a bunch of nothing going on in our lives was a big fat lie April Fools joke!  And most of all, it means Sam is going to have a sibling!

Things are looking good and looking healthy!  April 12th we had our NT scan and the results came back very in our favor for no genetic abnormalities.  Heartbeat has been strong at every Dr visit and ultrasounds show a squiggler squiggling around like a squiggly thing.  Yay!

Profile - head on right half of image.  Might be picking nose.

Entire body, complete with goat legs.  Yes, picking nose.

The NT scan also led to this ones nickname.  Sam was Mongo.  This one is Pencil Neck, because his neck measurement (checking for Down's Syndrome) is like half of what Sam's was.

Mother's Day was yesterday and seeing as we had kept this secret for 4 month already (that's right, I'm 16 weeks along right now!) we told our families about Pencil Neck.  Now everyone is waiting anxiously for early June so we can find out the sex of the baby!  Yup, less than a month away.  DUN, Dun, dunnnn.

Whew!  I do have to say it was fun having a secret.  A special something only a select few knew about before this past weekend.  The shock has finally worn off and has been replaced with excitement that Sam is going to have a sibling!  They'll be 20 months apart and hopefully bestest of buds forever!


  1. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Congratulations to all 3 of you!!!!! Soooo happy for you all!!!!!


    1. Thanks! Sam's gonna be in for a big surprise!