Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 Months Old!

You would not believe how often we will be out and some random person will come up and ask about our beautiful baby boy and then be SHOCKED when we tell them he's only X months old.  Yes, he looks like a 6 month old.  He's getting really good at that rolling thing, but doesn't like it when he goes the whole way over.  He prefers to lay on his side and bend his neck back so he can watch everything going on around him.  Like so.

Ben's pretty fun to be around, for a baby.  He's very laid back and likes to play.  He swats at Daddy's face and tries to grab as much facial hair as he can give a good painful tug to.  He loves to be tickled and has lots of tickle spots.  His natural state is happy.  Which is refreshing since these days Sam's natural state is to look at the world with a good dose of suspicion.  I only have myself and my veggie hiding ways to blame for that one I suppose.

My 4 Month Old
~ Has a spazzy, snorty laugh that makes me laugh.  Which makes him laugh even more.  Which makes me laugh even more.  Etc.
~ Eats 4 oz bottles 7 or 8 times a day.
~ Had his first cold a week ago.  He handled it like a champ.
~ Appears to be in the very early stages of teething.  Sam never complained about teething until about 2 months ago when he started cutting his canine teeth, cause those things must hurt!  Ben on the other hand seems to have a lower pain threshold. 
~ Loves the cats.  A cat being within a foot of his face is definitely the most thrilling thing he has ever experienced.
~ Is an old pro with the activity gym.  He grabs, bats at, and even gets his feet in on the action.
~ Wants real food.  Wants it bad.  He sees us eat, he especially sees Sam eat, and demands to know why he can't have that too!  Our Ped had us start Sam on baby cereal at 4 months, but I haven't decided if I will have Ben wait a little longer or not.  Many things I have read say to wait till 6 months.  Maybe we'll split the difference and wait till 5 months.

Dr Stats:
     Height - 27.25 inches, above 99%
     Weight - 15 pounds 13 ounces, 57%
     Head Size - 17 1/4 inches, 96%


Mr. Monster on his way to library baby class.

And a week ago or so I had some fun with the kids.  Ben in little funny outfits and Sam in the snow.  Snow which we got about 18 inches of.  Lots and LOTS of snow.  And for the first time, Sam liked it!

Bad dreams make everyone sad.

And there's the news that is news!  Right now I'm doing a last minute plan for Sam's 2nd birthday party which is on Sunday.  Eek!  So unlike me to not have this all planned out already.  We're also painting and putting together furniture for Sam's big boy bedroom.  We fell a tiny bit behind schedule on that because the kids got sick. (Sam had a stomach virus at the same time Ben had a cold) We've been happily going to weekly playdates with some of my mommy friends from library.  A couple weeks ago we started doing ABC Mouse with Sam and he loves it!  LOVES IT!  I've already seen a bit of difference in him with listening and using more words.  It's possible some of his little behavior outbursts lately were due to pure boredom.  And I've been day dreaming about burying my toes in warm sand.  Mommy wants a vacation.  But I still think going on vacation with wee kids is just more work than it's worth.  Meh.

Ok, see you next month since that seems to be as frequently as I can motivate myself to write here!

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  1. Hahahahahha, the white tiger profile shot is hilarious!