Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 and 5 and More!

Hello Blogger, my old friend.  I've come to talk with you again.

Lots to talk about.  I'm going to type for as long as the boys sleep and hope that I can jot down all these little things I want to make sure I remember.  First, Sam turned two on February 25th.  Two!  Can you freakin believe it?  I know I can't.

Sam is every bit still the quirky monster he was at one.  He loves Super Why, The Pajanimals, anything with wheels on it, mega bloks, cheese, and a handful of stuffed animals.  He pretty much refuses to go to bed without a stuffie.  And sometimes only Bedtime Bunny will do and we have to search the house for him.  Which is why I picked up a spare bunny as soon as the Easter displays hit the stores!  He likes to pet Ben's head and play with his feet.  He's started trying to figure out how to dress/undress himself, which means sometimes you glance over during dinner and see random limbs sticking out of his clothes from the wrong hole.  Speaking of dinner - bad subject in this house.  Sam is the very definition of a picky eater.  Thank goodness for those yummy kid yogurts with the veggies all blended up in them to the point you can't taste it.  My boy, just like his momma, loves his carbs and keeps fighting us on this crazy balanced diet thing.

Dr Stats:
     Height - 35 inches, 64%
     Weight - 28 pounds, 65%

Also, Ben turned 5 months old yesterday!  This kid, sigh.  He's just so much fun.  I mean, he smiles from the time he gets up till about 5 minutes before his next nap.  He's just so happy all the time and giggles so easily.  He adores Sam and gets so excited any time he gets to be close to his big brother.  Even when that closeness is Sam purposely putting his head directly in the path of flailing baby feet JUST so he can cry to me about how the baby is hurting him.  Even then, he's beyond thrilled just to get the attention from his big bro.  

He just started rice cereal about a week ago.  It took a couple days of moving his jaw up and down in a chewing motion and watching all the junk dribble out of his mouth before he got the idea.  But now he's an old pro at it and is ready to move on to the good stuff!  I really hope Ben won't be a picky eater!

My 5 Month Old:
~ Still eats a 4 oz bottle at most feedings.  Sometimes I sneak a 5 in to see if he can keep it all down with a 50/50 success rate.
~ Rarely sleeps through the night as of late.  He was going a good 9-11 hours every night, but then sleep regression and a cold broke that habit.  But there is hope on the horizon!  Last night he slept the best he has slept in over 2 weeks!
~ Is a swingaholic.  Takes most of his daytime naps in the swing.
~ Loves his rattle ball, moustache binky, bumbo, activity gym, the cats, his feet, and just yesterday discovered the monkey rattle that was Sam's best friend back in the day.  It was instant love.
~ Rolls, rolls, and rolls some more.  Still prefers to lay on his side.
~ Is very gracious about the one thousand and two kisses he must endure each day.

I'm very thankful to have fallen in with a group of moms that I have a lot in common with.  We now get together a couple times a week so the kids can play and we can have adult conversations!  Even if 80% of those conversations do revolve around the kids, it's still wonderful!  I love that Sam has friends and gets to play and learn with kids his own age.  And a few of the ladies in this group also have infants within a month of age of Ben!  I'm hoping this group continues and these kids will form lifelong friendships.  How awesome would that be?

Well, Ben's awake!  Time to stop and hope that I remember to update this and my last entry with the Dr stats!

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  1. 9-11 hours. You bastard. I mean I still love you, but my god. I'm excited over 2 hour intervals over here and this kid is almost 1. :D