Monday, April 21, 2014

Half A Year: The 6 Month Update

Mommy's little helper

The revolt against peas

Bottle lover

Six months old!  One of the biggies!  With Sam every new stage of life was amazing and exciting and even better than the last as I learned about babies while he grew up before my eyes.  The second time around I know what to expect.  I know what's coming next.  This stage.  This.  This is my favorite.  Right now I wish I could freeze time and keep him just like this for a while longer than I know it will last.  This moment when he's full of drooly smiles, endless cuddles, coo's and adorable squeals, and can't crawl away from all my kisses and tickles.  This moment is just as sweet as it is fleeting.  I've been burning through the camera batteries lately as I try to capture as much of THIS as I can.

What This 6 Monther Do:
~ Eats 5 or 6 oz bottles roughly every 3 to 4 hours.  Still gets up once a night.
~ Rolls over, both ways, every way, spins in circles, wiggles his way towards toys.
~ Sits up, assisted.  Can hold this pose for several minutes before the abs start to give in.
~ Has VERY strong legs.  If you hold him up so he can stand flat on his feet he will stand there for a good 5 minutes before letting his weight start to buckle his knees.  He loves to stand!
~ Adores his brother and will tolerate nearly anything as long as it means Sam is near and paying attention to him.  Even if that means getting not so gentle open hand taps right on his forehead.  
~ Just like Sam, loves the cats.  Not like Sam, Lincoln lets Ben touch him! (But it makes Lincoln drool with nervousness, gross.)
~ I swear on several occasions I have heard him Say "Mama" when he needs something.  I remember this with Sam also and wrote it off as baby babbling with no meaning behind it yet.  It still makes me happy to hear it!
~ He appears to be allergic to Willow trees.  Long story, but pretty sure that's what keeps causing him to sneeze and get stuffy when we spend time outside or have the windows open.


Dr Stats:
      28" tall, 96%. 
      18lb 7oz, 70%. 
      Head size 18", 98%.

And now I feel the need to share the Easter photos I took yesterday even though... well... yeah.  Two kids.  That rarely works.

Also, this is Morgan at 6 months.  It's safe to say this kid is all Daddy!

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