Sunday, May 18, 2014

Month 7

He's so big.  A friend of mine gave birth to her little girl 2 weeks ago.  To sit Ben next to this tiny pink baby girl is like putting a watermelon next to a potato.  I can't believe that he was ever that small.  Given, she is slightly smaller than Ben was at birth, but still.  Time flies by and he just keeps getting bigger!

And there's the gruesome twosome.  Sam's been getting excited about being able to play with his brother as Ben slowly becomes more and more mobile/sturdy.  It's great, except that he doesn't understand why he can't shake Ben.  Yeah, that's not so great.  But with lots of supervision they smile and laugh till their little faces hurt.  

What the 7 monther does:
~ Eats 5.5 - 6 oz bottles roughly every 3 hours.
~ Is sleeping in the crib in the nursery!  Now that Sam is sleeping every night in his big boy bed we had the crib available for Ben.  He took to it right away and even started sleeping through the night. The sleeping all night long only lasted 4 days, but those were some good nights of sleep!
~ Says "Mama" and "Dada"!  Without a doubt it is words he's saying, not just babbling.  And he said "Mama" first!  
~ Still a supported sitter, but much stronger and confident than he was a month ago.
~ Is trying with all his might to army crawl.  Sam never did this, so it's new!
~ Is VERY opinionated and will make a variety of cries/squeals to let you know how displeased he is with you and your lack of CONSTANT attention.
~ Has done all of the stage 1 foods.  Just like Sam, prunes were his favorite.
~ Likes to throw his weight around.  As in he will full body lunge at something he wants or the direction he wants to go in.  You really gotta keep a strong hold on this kid.
~ No teeth yet.  Correction.  Two hours after I wrote this he cut his first tooth!
~ Loves trucks, cars, and trains.  Of all the toys he scoots/rolls/wiggles himself towards that belong to Sam, those are the ones he's the happiest to snatch up!
~ Smiles all the time.  Always.  Except for when he's not.  Which is usually as soon as I walk away.


And finally, as much as I hate to end these posts on a sad note, I do want to make note that right after Easter our pet tortoise Chloe passed away.  I had her for 15 years and who knows how old she was when I purchased her.  It's sad, but Sam's to young to understand why the turtle is gone and Ben was never formally introduced to the living rock.  So yeah.  That happened.  

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