Thursday, March 1, 2012

Huge Hands, Little Baby

A 9 pounds baby is a big baby.  But I love how he looks so wee in the hands of his daddy.

Seriously.  Look at that little podling face and his daddy's meat mits.

Podling?  Oh yes.  That is his nickname now.  His little face and his happy "I just ate" expressions make us laugh every time because he looks exactly like a Podling from "The Dark Crystal", one of our favorite movies from childhood.

Well, maybe a little less creepy than this podling puppet.  Cause my boy is cute.  Cute, I say.


  1. Love it! And love the Dark Crystal! Enjoy this sweet time with your little boy!

  2. I seem to recall you calling Everett a podling too. Oi. ;) And yes, he is adorables. No question.