Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 Month Old

Carrot Caramel Cake, made by G-Gma

On Sunday my Grandmother, Sam's G-Gma, had a small family gathering to celebrate Sam's 1 month birthday.  Making this the first time he has been to visit someones house.  The first time he has been on a long car ride.  And the first time he has ever met a dog!  Alex, my brother's boxer, was very well behaved and only licked him a few times as he loves kids and wanted so desperately to say hello.  It was cute.

Aunt Mel, the chronic baby cuddler

Most of the day Sam was handed from person to person so they could get their snuggle time in.  I love this.  I love that I can let others take care of him for a few hours and just socialize without being on boob duty.  I also love that one of those baby snugglers was my faux sister Audrey.  Cause that girl is never without her camera.  So I now have TONS of professional quality photos to look forward to seeing once she has a chance to sort thru them.  YAY for getting to skip the Sears Portrait Studio for the 1 month photos!

When I see people post their monthly updates on their kids they list milestones and percentiles.  I'm sure some day I will get to that point.  But for now it's not like the stinker does a hell of a lot, so here's my list.

One Month
He poos a lot
He pees even more
He eats between 3 and 5 ounces of milk/formula at each feeding
He has 2 bouts of "awake time" each day, which we usually spend playing with his activity mat or rattle
He recognizes me, I know cause he starts giving the "feed me" mouth motions
His vocalizations are still mostly grunts and cries, no cooing yet
He loves to be in his sling and sleeps deeply
The snot sucker bulb is public enemy #1
He hates being naked, therefore hates his bath
He sleeps between 3 to 4 hours at a time overnight, once he slept for 5 hours = amazing
He chokes easily on his milk, he vomits with great fury
He is stinkin cute, and he stinks

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