Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Baby Stuff

It's hard to find time to post.  Well, honestly, it's hard to find time to shower.  And when I do have time to post it's Baby, Baby, Baby.  I'm not apologizing, just saying I am aware.  Aware that I am in full on mommy mode with nothing else really going on.  That said - let me share some cute!

Daddy Story Time on the Floor

Lincoln Plotting His Revenge

1 Month Owl

My SIL gave me the great idea of taking a photo of Sam with the same item every month.  That way in a year I'll have a sort of flip book of growth.  And so starts the "month owl" photo series!  Squee!


  1. Looks like someone is a little more alert these days!

  2. Yes! Sam usually has 2 awake periods each day. And it's amazing how quickly he is learning how to interact with the things around him. It's mostly staring and focusing on one item at a time, but he has started reaching for things and loves things that krinkle.