Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of us Still Works

Hey!  Looky here!  A post that doesn't involve my crotch parasite!

At the risk of jinxing it, things have been looking up for the hubby at work.  He's in line for one of several promotions.  He's the lone cubical slave that has been selected for training seminars and meetings for his region.  He has been requested multiple times to head projects and cross train others in what he does.  And to go along with these professional thingies he had to create a bio.  Like, a real bio.  Who he is, where he went to school, what he specializes in, what his hobbies are, and his family life.  And he needed a picture for said bio.  He asked me to take it for him.  Mehe.

Blah.  It's fine.  Nothing special.  He doesn't like it, but then he doesn't like any photos of himself.  But what you can't see is the rest of the outfit.  Short tie, tight sweatpants, barefoot.  This is what happens when you work from home.  I still think THIS should be his bio photo.

Professional Hobbit


  1. Delilah keeps pointing to him and saying "daddy!". Um... Christa...I have a confession.... ;)

  2. Muhahah! So THAT'S where the red hair came from!