Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 Months Old

Oh my, how time flies.  I can hardly believe he's already 2 months old.  In the past month he has really started to amp up the heart stealing with his goofy smiles and sideways glances.  Here, let me show you what I mean.

BAM!  Heart stolen with the blue steel look.

BAM!  Heart stolen cause he even smiles in his sleep!

He's hitting all his milestones and the Dr says he's in the 75-90% for size and weight.  He still has all the same eating habits and sleeping habits.  He still hates getting baths and loves being read to.  But it wasn't all good news when we went to his Dr appointment.  It was time for the dreaded immunizations.  1 oral and 3 by injection.  Sam screamed, I cried, Morgan laughed.  Poor baby and his little sore legs.

Oh - and I'm so happy that I picked up this size 12 month suit from the after Easter sale rack!  Sometime in the future I will have a little man in a little suit with a little pinstriped button up vest and a little clip on tie!  Even Morgan couldn't say no when he saw it.

And with that I will end with his latest in the owl photo series.

2 month owl


  1. Sometime in the're telling me someone's getting married, aren't you? I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!

  2. A certain someone still has not told you his/her big news? And here I was thinking you just didn't think it to be that big of a deal.
    *ahem* A certain someone should consider spilling the beans before this certain someone can't hold her tongue anymore. *ahem*