Friday, November 18, 2011

Distant, but Could be Inbreeding

So. . . Yeah. At that party we had for Morgan's relatives last week his Uncle surprised us by giving us a book detailing the family history for my MIL's family. He had to sneak this book to us so my MIL would not pitch a holy hell fit that it was being passed to Morgan instead of her, but that's another story.

The History of the Descendants of John Hottel was published in 1930 and details the lives of everyone involved starting in the 1700's. Pretty awesome. It even gives details of what their weddings were like. This morning we were flipping thru the pages looking for baby name inspiration when we came across a section dedicated to all the Seibert's in the family. No shit.

Seibert, being my maiden name, is German in origin and not overly common. It's not like Smith or something like that. There are a bunch of us in our area, but only because we all decended from one horny man who liked to sleep around and steal horses. Or so the story goes.

So, this means there is a decent chance that my family and Morgan's family has a few roots in the same tree. Good news is that these ancient relatives lived in the early to mid 1800's. Plenty of genetic diversity has been breed in since then. But still, what are the odds of that?



  2. And we'll have to find glasses to fit a 6 eyed face, Oh Noes!
    We share a birthday.
    We share an ancient relative.
    We share a bed.
    This kind of sounds like the beginning of a horror film script.

  3. Don't worry lots of my ancestors were inbred or really close to it and I turned out ok.. Well I don't have six eyes anyhow!

  4. Oh Erin. I miss you guys so much. Even though you have that 3rd nipple.