Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More of the Same, Less of the New

Today I had my 24 week Dr appointment. I was shocked to discover I have not gained any weight since my last appointment. So strange considering how much bigger I am. Baby seems to be fine and I go back in a month.

The 8 quarts cooking program is going great! This week we are devouring Slippery Chicken Pot Pie. Something I now realize is not a well known dish. At least that is what the confused and repulsed expressions on others faces leaves me to believe. If you are unfamiliar, just think pot pie with dough patches instead of a pie crust. Kind of like a stew. . . Kind of. Trust me, it's good.

Hard to believe it's only Tuesday. Yesterday at work was stressful enough to make me wish it was Friday. I mean, wow. Hope the rest of the week flies by!


  1. I made pork slippery pot pie last night. So good. I describe it as a soup version of Pot Pie only instead of crust you make dumplings. *shrug*

    You're not gaining weight because you are losing weight while the baby/fluids are increasing so you're averaging the same. HUZZAH!

  2. Don't know that I have ever had the pork version, but I bet that is amazing. I grew up with the turkey/chicken version and have tried the ham version. Hmmm. . .pork. Next time.

    Woot! I like your reasoning. Makes total sense and makes me all happy! 3 & 1/2 more months, can you believe it? 109 more days. It's all getting so real now.

  3. Oh, well pork would be wonderful. Now we both have something to experiment with. :)