Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Months & Something Helpful

Yup, almost half a year old!  Lets hop right to it.

Stuffs He Do
Eats 5.5 ounces every 3-4 hours
Eats baby food mixed with rice cereal once a day, hates peas
Sleeps like a champ just like before
Has discovered we have cats, realllllllly likes the cats
Toes have found their way to mouth
Loves tummy time now
Is trying to figure out how to get his legs up under himself
Will push against something with his feet to scoot around
Gas.  Farts.  Man sized farts.
Everything goes into his mouth

He continues to be a good and happy boy.  Pretending that his legs are cannons and jerking them back while yelling "BOOM!" is a source of great pleasure for him.  We could do this for hours and he would squeal with laughter and pure squirmy baby joy.  The only thing he loves more than gun play is his daddy.  Yes, the world revolves around daddy.

Now for the "Something Helpful".  Today was our initial assessment with the MD Infants and Toddlers program.  They came to our house to observe Sam and determine how severe his Torticollis is.  Torticollis is essentially tight neck muscles.  The muscles on the left side of Sam's neck are very tight, causing him to not like to look to the right and to hold his head at a slight angle when upright.  It has also caused some flattening to the back of his head on the left side.  Sam's case is minor, but it's still something that needs to be addressed.  So from now on a physical therapist will be coming to our house twice a month to track his progress and show me exercises to do with him which will help correct his issues.  And this is all free.  It's not even done through health insurance.  It's just a free service.  Awesome.

According to them he is trending along the 6 month mark for social skills and 4 months for physical development due to his Torticollis.  They gave me my homework assignment of new things to do with Sam which all make total sense and I can't believe I didn't think of a few of them on my own.  Duh.  But then I guess that's what they're there for.

So here we are, truckin' along and going strong!  And of course, here's his 5 month owl photos!

"I must cover my shame!"


  1. These pictures are adorable! Yay for tort treatment! They're going to show you those exercises I showed you. They're also going to tell you to do things on opposite sides so he has to turn his face a different way to see you, etc. It'll be fine, but make sure you do the exercises all the time, even when he wails, even when they say he's done, and do things that will help with his arms and core. Otherwise you'll end up with a low muscle tone/core strength child like Ev. Which is a pain and terribly hard to get them to overcome because by this age, they just don't want to do what is hard.

    I say that because I love you and because Ev was also a "minimal" case, but yo..look at how much has come from that minimal case.

    1. Oh, I understand. That's why I insisted on getting the PT instead of just waiting to see if things were corrected on their own like the Ped initially suggested. So far the exercises she showed me are non aggressive and Sam doesn't mind at all. But I'm sure as we get further into this they will have me doing things to stretch those muscles that he won't be as happy about. They kept asking how I knew to look for the Torticollis and I kept saying "Well, I have this friend and. . ."