Monday, July 2, 2012

We Survived!

Friday night a news flash popped up on the tv warning that a severe thunderstorm was headed our way.  We looked at the weather radar channel then shrugged it off and went to bed.  10:30pm that night one of the most impressive storms I have ever seen rolled through.  Thankfully, Sam slept right through it.  But it wasn't long till we lost power.  In the middle of a heat wave we lost power.  I didn't care much because it was night time and figured it would be back up within an hour or so like usual.  Morgan, the air conditioning slave, set into immediate panic mode.

Turns out Morgan was right.  Two days, y'all.  Two days without power.  If you want to get exact about it, 46 1/2 hours without power.  No ac, no fans, nothing.  Not even a slight breeze was provided by mother nature once the storms had left that night.  Just hot, stagnant air.

Saturday we spent all day hanging out at the mall soaking up the ac and searching out power outlets to charge our cell phones.  Sam was such a good and patient little baby.  We considered getting a hotel room for the night, but quickly discovered they were all booked solid.  So we headed home to sleep for the night thinking with the windows open the cooler night air would cool off the house and it would be fine.  WRONG.  No breeze, remember.  No breeze means no movement of air from outside to inside.  Ugh.  What a miserable night.  It was so hot Sam didn't even want to eat.

Sunday, not wanting to walk endless laps around a mall again, we headed to Hagerstown and crashed at my mom's house.  She wasn't home.  We broke into her house (I forgot my keys) and spent all day there waiting for word to be released saying our power was back on.  At 8pm we gave up on that plan and I sent Morgan to our house to collect a few things we needed if we were going to be spending the night at my mom's.  While he was at our house the power popped back on and he could hear the neighbors screaming with happiness.  I would have been screaming too had I been there.  We still spent the night at my mom's, but packed things up and left first thing the next morning to happily return to our now air conditioned house.

But we survived what they are already calling "Storm 2012" on the news stations here.  It was uncomfortable, but at least we have our power back, thousands are still waiting.

Playing footsie at Grandma's house.

Washing off the stink of our Storm 2012 adventure.


  1. I LOVE that picture of him in the tub. That's some Playbaby shiz right there. Also...see, if he would come to Ohio he'd be better prepared for that kind of no-a/c emergency. Because at least he would have the perspective that EVENTUALLY it would come back on. ;)

    1. My squishy is a pretty boy. Only I think he is starting to look more like me than Morgan now, so now he kinda looks like a girl. In fact we've been calling him "little baby girl" all day long. Good thing he's too young to get a complex from all this.
      Visiting Ohio would give him perspective. But I really don't think you comprehend just HOW miserable he would make everyone. (especially me cause I can read his body language as only a wife can) He simply is not made for heat, multiple children that are not his, and spending time with anyone not named Matt, Mike, or Ryan.