Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

My grandmother, Sam's Gg-ma, has a great garden surrounding her house.  In this garden are stepping stones made by the family.  On her 70th birthday in 2000 we all got together and made these stones.  One stone for every child, child of that child, spouse of those children, and children of those children and their spouses.  Lots of stones.

A couple weekends ago we made Sam's garden stone to give to Gg-ma on her 82nd birthday.  He liked the squish factor of the cement, but other than that was confused as to why he was naked and being smooshed into cold wet crud.

Today we gave her the stone at the Independence Day BBQ.  She was thrilled!  Loved it!  Found a place for the newest stone immediately.  Has already started planning how she is going to rearrange all of the stones into new family groupings in the various garden plots across her property.  But for now Sam's stone is lovingly placed next to mine.

Now to get on the ball and make one for her from Morgan.  Before she has to rearrange all her gardens again.  Mehe.

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