Friday, June 29, 2012

Yum, It's Thursday

Awkward ahoy!  It's been a strange two days over here.  Lets start with the cute, little, sweet Samuel and his first ever real food!  He cried with confusion at first.  He didn't understand why we were spooning goop into his mouth.  But then he had a eureka moment and realized this was FOOD.  He was happy.  In fact we couldn't shovel that stuff into his pie hole fast enough.  And he screamed with great fury when it was all gone.  He is truly our son.

And now for the awkward.  My MIL.  Late Thursday night we got an email from Morgan's uncle (he didn't have our phone #) letting us know the police were looking for MIL.  They didn't have many details other than it involved a hit and run car accident and the police could not find MIL because she has not switched any of her ID's over to Maryland since she moved there in October.  And MIL had her phone turned off, so no one could get a hold of her.  But they wanted to let Morgan know that the police were on their way over to her apartment.

Oh Joy.

The next morning we kept calling her trying to get her on the phone.  Trying to make sure she was okay and didn't need any help.  Her phone was still off.  10am rolled around and her phone was still off.  1pm and her phone was still off.  3pm and her phone was still turned off.  Morgan was scared.  His mother has threatened to kill herself just about every week for the past 8 years.  She doesn't handle confrontation well.  She freaks out very easily.  And she had already had a really, really bad week leading up to the apparent car accident.  He didn't know what to do.  I loaded the baby up in the car and we all drove over to MIL's apartment to check on her since there was nothing else we could do.

45 minutes later we are standing on her front porch knocking on the door.  No answer.
Knock again much louder.  No answer.  We looked at each other with worry and Morgan fumbled in his pocket trying to find his key to her place.  Then we heard the faint *clink clink* of her walker on the other side of the door.  Morgan's shoulders slumped down with a big sigh of relief.  "At least she's alive." he whispered to me as we waited for her to unlock the door.

So yeah.  She's fine.  Or at least as fine as she can be after it was obvious we were there to see if she was still alive or not.  There is no damage to her car.  The man she tapped with her car while in line for the McDonald's drive thru is just as crazy as she is and reported the accident as a hit and run even though they stopped and exchanged information and all that jazz.  Everything was blown out of proportion and MIL got a stern talk from us about not turning off her phone for ridiculously long periods of time.

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