Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Months Old

What a great age.  I'm getting the feeling that every monthly update is going to start with that phrase.  Being someone who knows nothing about small children I constantly find myself amazed watching him learn and grow.  Sometimes it's like I can see the wheels turning and the smoke pouring out his ears as he struggles to figure something out.  His biggest accomplishment to date is rolling over.  He can do back to tummy, but can't do tummy to back at all yet.  At least he now tolerates tummy time cause he gets there on his own terms!

What He Do:
Eats 5.5oz every 3 to 4 hours.  He sometimes goes longer, but not often.
Takes short naps after all his meals, takes a 2-3 hour nap in the early afternoon.
Sleeps thru the night (9:30pm to 5:30am usually) same as before.
Loves the swing SIL got for him.  This makes it easier to get free time from him for tasks such as making dinner.  This is a good thing.
Smiles and laughs all the time, especially at his dad.
Babbles, coos, squeals, and blows raspberries.
Grasps toys, shakes rattle ball, throws things (already?)
Can stand on his legs and support his weight, doesn't do this often
Likes to sleep on his side when on the floor, thankfully not in his bed.
Fluctuates weekly as to if he's going to enjoy bath time or not.
Has within the past week started getting fussy when other people hold him (stranger danger?)
He has started grabbing at his clothes and tugging them, which results in some funny photos.
He loves to sit up.  Either propped up on your lap, in his swing, bumbo, or just propped up on the couch.  He's a looker.  He likes to look around.
CUTE - when fighting sleep it helps to put one ring in each hand so his hands are busy and less likely to rip his binkie out of his mouth or smack himself.  Freak.

Look at my belly!

He's started doing this also.  Covering his eye(s) with his left hand when falling asleep, usually palm down.  Not sure if this is a Sam thing or just a baby thing.  But it makes me smile when he does it because my dad used to do this.  I didn't even remember it till the first time I saw Sam do it.

And to end, here are his 4 Month Owl photos!


Update from Dr visit:  Weighs 16 pounds, 25 inches long, healthy.  Given info for PT for his slight Torticollis.  And we can start real food!

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  1. Very cute! And you are correct, you will love every stage!