Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Years Ago Today

6-7-08 we got married.  I wanted to elope.  Morgan didn't care.  His mother threatened my life.  "He is my only child and there will be a wedding!" she warned.  Odd, considering she didn't want us to get married at all.  So Morgan suggested we get married at a lighthouse since that seemed to be one of my favorite things.  He's a smart man.

At Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace, MD we sealed the deal.  It was one hell of a hot day.  As in almost 100 degrees.  Everyone handled it the best they could, even the Best Man who looked like he was going to pass out mid ceremony.
My lovely little flower girls!

Reception was at a Victorian mansion turned Bed and Breakfast.  It was lovely.  The woman who runs the place, as it turns out, is absolutely insane.  We'll skip over her and the lawnmower of doom.

The cake was as pretty as it was delicious.  Luckily no one noticed the spider web that had been built between the window and the cake in the 3 hours between cake delivery and serving.  Doh!  I think the photos around the cake of Morgan and I as children was my favorite of all the decorations of the day.  Too bad he wouldn't let me use the picture of him lounging on the couch at age 3 wearing nothing but socks and a t-shirt.  Love that picture.

The boys all wore top hats, tails, gloves, and carried canes.  That was Morgan's only request.  

Morgan's favorite picture in the whole world

As much as I wanted to elope instead of going through the stress and expense of a real wedding, I rather liked it.  I like that we had a non traditional wedding with lots of tid bits of our personalities thrown into it.  I like that we did things as cheaply as possible while still making things fancy pants.  I like that those who came to the wedding were introduced to a new place and were forced to visit a lighthouse.  I liked it all.  Especially that bath tub in our honeymoon suite that could have easily fit 5 people.  I want one of those so badly.

Cake Cutting

Getting cake dropped down my bra to find later that night.

Bubbles were a good choice.

And that concludes yet another chapter in my June sentimental ramblings.  If Halloween happened in June it would be an unbeatable month of awesomeness.


  1. Wait..what about your wedding was non-traditional? Don't forget wonderfully lazy photographer dude who was constantly eating. And MY GOD it was hot that day. But you were GORGEOUS. I thought you were crazy for tanning for I'm jealous that I was pasty white for mine. ;)

  2. In our families, especially his ultra religous family, anything not in a church is weird. Weird and confusing. And yeah, if I could turn back time I totally would have hired someone else to do the photos. Ugh. And I view my shade at the time of our wedding and honeymoon as the last time in my life I will have a tan. It took months to get the tan I had. It also helped to prep my skin for the harsh sun in Belize!

  3. Congrats! Looks like it was a fun time!