Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby's Business Trip

The following is an entry from Samuel's personal journal.

Seeing as the 4th quarter is quickly coming to an end, I figured it was a good time to hold a conference with my business partners from the northern territory.  So I had the food maid pack our bags and alert the bellhop that he needed a couple days off work so he could serve as my personal assistant.  Once all our files were in order the bellhop drove us to the Gaylord National Resort.  Our reservations were set, but of course that foolish food maid of mine requested to have our room switched once the vertigo of being on the 17th floor set in.  In the end, I think I agree with the food maid that the view from our room on the 6th floor was much better.

That first night the bellhop treated us to a fancy dinner at the steakhouse here in the hotel.  They sat us right by a huge window facing the atrium Christmas tree and we watched the tree lighting ceremony while the food maid fed me puffs.  It was very bright, flashy, loud, and I think I may have soiled my diaper in awe.  It even snowed. . .indoors!

After that we all retired to our room.  We had a big day ahead of us and I needed to read up on the northern territory's file before my meeting with the big man.

I had the food maid set up the room to my liking while the bellhop sat in the corner and scratched himself as usual.  (Note to self - reflect scratching habits in yearly review with the bellhop.)  At least food maid was on the ball and in no time had set up my personal gym on the floor and found a unique use for the executive desk.  (Note - food maid deserves a raise.)

Tuesday.  The big day.  I've been warned about how cut throat these northern territory nut jobs are, so I wanted to unwind a bit before our conference.  You know, cool off and get a little crazy before the big game.  Food maid had booked us a tour with ICE.  A ten degree room full of Shrek themed ice sculptures, ice slides, and merry songs.  Good deal, food maid.

Note - Double check the bellhop's credentials.

Once finished with our tour we got word that the northern territory agents needed to delay our meeting.  Something about potty breaks.  (Note - find out what a "potty" is.)  So we wasted some more time by taking a stroll around the hotel grounds.  It was very windy with a wonderful view of the Potomac, bridges, and in the distance the towers of Washington DC.  

Finally, it was time to do what we came here to do.  I put on my big boy pants and saddled up for what I know is the most important sit down of my life so far.  The big man was much more pleasant than I expected.  He shared his notes with me.  We spoke openly of the future between our two markets.  He assured me that I was not on the naughty list, and I assured him I was wearing a fresh diaper.  Together, we forged a bright new future that I'm sure will last for years to come.  He's my new friend.

WOW!  What a load off my mind!  With our partnership with the northern territory firmly secured I returned to my room with the bellhop and food maid to celebrate.  

The next morning it was time to pack up our stuff and head home.  I loved it here.  It's so nice and pretty and friendly.  Fun things to do.  Comfy rooms.  What a great place to build memories.  I was in such a great mood that I decided not to fire the bellhop.  Besides, he did a good job of getting me fed and ready for my car nap home.


  1. You. Posted. A. Kid. Journal. You're officially one of THOSE. :D

    1. Don't hate! Or I'll send the bellhop to live with you for a month.

  2. Go ahead, he'd never make into Ohio. He would just tell you he had. lol!