Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Things have been happening in thing town.  I find that I'm now more unorganized than ever and so I forget/don't feel like doing updates on here.  So things slip through the cracks and then weeks later I remember that I didn't mention it.  And really, all this is for me is an online journal.  It's for me.  I share it with others, especially friends no longer close to home, but really it's all to help me and my terrible memory keep things straight.

So. . .

December 1st Sam cut his two front teeth!  So I was right when I guessed that was the reason for the phase of grumpiness he was going through.  He's back to his normal, happy self again.  Thank God.
Please ignore that tiny booger.

The boys had their annual Christmas event on the 8th.  Usually I'm working and therefore can't attend.  In fact this is the first time I have attended.  Luckily, there was no boring Christmas play involved this year. We just all met and went out for a family style dinner at a quaint little place about an hour from here.  Sam had restaurant applesauce for the first time.  He kept making eyes with twin baby girls at the neighboring table.  And we all ate way too much food.  It was great.

My mom, Sam's g-ma, had a family dinner at her house for the first time since her kitchen was remodeled.  It's not quite finished yet, but looks great.  She started this project in late May and thought it would all be done in 40 days.  Muhahahahahahahahahahaha!  Anyway, it was really nice to be able to spend time with my family as I don't get to see them as often as I would like.  Especially my brother's family.  They're so busy with their girls that they often miss family dinners or only make short appearances.  This time it was hours and hours of fun and catching up with each other.  Very relaxing.  

A while back our attempt at Christmas photo cuteness failed.  Failed because Pud's butt is too bubblicious to fit into either of our stockings!  It's okay.  We figured out other cuteness to take photos of which I will share over the holiday here and on Facebook.  It's basically our digital Christmas card since we are cheap bastards who are not mailing out Christmas cards.

And to round out this hodgepodge list, Sam has become more and more difficult to put down for the night.  He's trying to go back to his old ways of going to bed at 11.  Which makes me cry on the inside.  So onto a new strategy for bedtime we go with the hope of getting him back on target with a 9:30 sharp sleep schedule.  But I have to share my love of messy sleep fighter hair!
Daddy takes first shift.

Mommy goes in for the kill.


  1. He looks highly amused in the first picture of you stuffing him into a stocking. lol! The last two images could be Delilah. I know those eyes! It's angry eyes and sleepy eyes!

    1. Yeah, he thought the stocking stuffing was great fun. And yes, this little stinker gets some attitude come bedtime. The worst nights are the ones where he refuses to fall asleep downstairs and I have to sit on the floor next to his crib (either reading or sitting in silence depending upon his anger level) till he finally drifts off.