Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a Merry Christmas It Was

And it's not over yet!  As with many families, despite having 5 on the actual holiday, the gift exchanges will continue on into January.  Sam doesn't really know what's going on.  Surprisingly, by the time he was opening his last gift on Christmas day he seemed to understand that the pretty paper was supposed to be ripped off and helped a little.  Stuffed animals, baby piano, books, an exersaucer, and clothes are among the highlight of the boy gifts.  So many toys, so little time.

Best gift for me is of course having Sam to share the holidays with!  And the rarity of a white Christmas in Maryland was pretty nice too!  Sam thought the snow was exciting and pretty until he felt it was cold.  Then not so much a fan.

And here's a few (or 50) photos from our first family Christmas.  The happy day before the post holiday fall out that was Sam stretched to the limit and rebelling against the world.  Poor kid was miserable.  Surrounded by new toys and miserable.  Crazy kid.

"I wuv you cause you give me puffs."

A kitty that doesn't run away.  Pure joy.

Great Grandma G. just loves him so much!

The tissue paper in the box was the BEST part!

Gg-ma.  Always the photogenic one.

Experiencing Christmas overload.

A noisy toy remote.  This captures the last moment our house was quiet.

"I can't go to bed.  I just got a DRAGON!"

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  1. adorables! I haven't even gone through all of the photos I took yet. oi