Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Neighborhood Bully

Well, it happened.  The first toy or thing that Sam is afraid of!  Allow me to introduce his mortal enemy.

Things were looking good when we first introduced the penguin bobble toy.  He was smiling and grabbing at the penguin.

But then the very first time he gave it a good smack it fell back and sprang forward again to give Sam a good smack on his forehead.  He was shocked, confused, and then screaming.  We had to hide the penguin to get him to calm down.  Even then he still kept looking around and staring at the last spot he had seen the bully penguin.  

Since Christmas we have slowly been reintroducing penguin.  Gradually, we have come to this point.

Sitting side by side and no tears.  Even better, after I took this picture he reached out a curious finger and gave it a gentle poke.  Just one.  It's progress.


  1. We had that toy, my mom got it for one of the kids last year. I have since gotten rid of it, they neeeeeever played with it.

    1. Hmm, well hopefully Sam will play with it. But he is very busy with all his toys he just got!